Our Story

Amidst the ever-evolving tapestry of blended cultures and shifting traditions, two remarkable young Los Angeles based Indian women, Arushi & Ayesha Kapoor, embark on a profound quest. Guided by the rhythmic echoes of their ancestors and adorned with the vibrant threads of their heritage, these brown girls embrace a noble purpose. With unwavering pride as guardians of their Indian lineage, they are propelled by a profound yearning to safeguard their heritage and illuminate the artistry of India to a global stage.Immersed in the rich narratives intricately woven into each tapestry, graced by the intricate hand embroidery adorning their ancestral attire, and attuned to the whispers of generational sartorial wisdom, these two young women of color grasped the profound importance of safeguarding their cherished traditions. Amidst the encroaching forces of globalization and mass production, which threatened to eclipse the artistry of their forebears, they refused to let their heritage languish in the shadows of oblivion. Instead, they resolved to ascend beyond the challenges, embracing a path of preservation and celebration. Our specialization is meticulously hand-embroidering exquisite cotton and rayon silhouettes, which epitomize the exceptional artistry & modern craftsmanship skillfully executed by our talented Indian artisans. As we curate, source & promote our diverse collection, we prioritize the sourcing of eco-friendly materials and ensure the implementation of fair trade practices at every stage of our supply chain. At the heart of our brand philosophy lies a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Embark on an extraordinary fashion journey with us, where we celebrate diversity, embrace sustainability, and empower communities. Explore the enchantment of our meticulously hand-embroidered cotton and rayon silhouettes and experience the magic they hold.