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Gia Tunic Top

Gia Tunic Top

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Discover the Gia Tunic Top in vibrant hot pink. Exclusively hand-embroidered by artisans. 100% sustainably sourced cotton. Authentic Indian craftsmanship.


eco-conscious fashion choices.

Vibrant Hot Pink Hue: Brighten up your wardrobe with this Gia Tunic's irresistible hot pink shade. Its striking color promises to be a standout piece for any occasion, whether you're heading to a casual brunch or an elegant evening soiree.

Hand-Embroidered Perfection: Every Gia Tunic showcases intricate hand-embroidery, a testament to the impeccable skills of our dedicated artisans. Dive into the delicate detailing, each stitch telling a story of tradition, precision, and art.

Authentically Indian: Made in the heart of India, the Gia Tunic Top is not just a garment – it's an experience. Relish in the rich heritage and unmatched craftsmanship synonymous with Indian artistry.

Eco-Friendly Choice: We believe in fashion that feels good and does good. The Gia Tunic is crafted from 100% sustainably sourced cotton, reflecting our commitment to both style and the environment.

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